Arts & Crafts Vacations

Arts & Crafts Vacations

Arts & Crafts Vacation in Resita

Vacation in Resita, the oldest industrial town of Southeast Europe, Romania: 1771 founded steel works, mountain region, caves, lakes, Europe's biggest virgin forest, the CNVC Resita Cup, a famous national sport cars slope speed competition.

Our workshops: street legal exotic car drive test; locksmith / machine tools / engines workshop; sculpture, painting, music, dances, embroidering, shepherding, traditional cooking, trekking, biking, fishing, shopping.

Arts & Crafts Vacation in Southern Oltenia

Vacation in Southern Oltenia, Romania, an area rich in traditions that are preserved through folk artists and craftsmen work.

Our workshops: weaving of carpets, rugs and straw, sewing traditional folk costumes, wood and bone carving, ancient pottery.