Blending Travel, Engineering & Art

Blending Travel, Engineering & Art for Students and Others

Our Approach

Our industrial tours in USA and Europe, associated with the creative workshop are the basis of this program and can be customized as needed (for more information please see our services page).

Equally in some areas of the USA and in Central and South Eastern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and the former Yugoslavian countries) we researched several attractions (factories, heritage, research centers, universities) in the following fields of ENGINEERING: mechanic (transportation: automotive, railway, aeronautic, naval, submarine, space, military, manufacturing, robotic, automations), energy (thermal, hydro, nuclear, green), electrotechnic, metallurgy, mining, gas, oil extraction, but also PUBLIC ART (sculpture, installation, structural: buildings, architecture), traditional crafts, agriculture, natural science.

Our travel program puts the participants in contact with the technical civilization, from both the historic and contemporary perspective, while also discovering its artistic and creative-innovative dimension. The specific multinational cohabitation in Central and South Eastern Europe, exceeding the national borders of the Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Romanians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Greeks and others (Turks, Armenians, Russians, Jews, Gypsies), will also be highlighted with some aspects of its specific cultural charm.

On the other hand, during the workshop, coached by Marius Hegedus, the participants will experience hands-on modeling the wire net reinforced plaster or will enjoy their favorite art activity and give artistic answers to some prior or spontaneously formulated "engineering" questions. The creation mood will also invite all to launch a dialogue on connected subjects or unexpected debates.

Some interdisciplinary aspects of engineering, innovation, creativity, aesthetics, art theory, story telling, philosophy, history, sociology, economic geography will be selected (eventually in collaboration with the teachers) and presented also as informal debates in adequate circumstances during the trip or workshop. Also, at some objectives, we arrange expert-led lectures on common interest themes and, location dependent, led by some of our special guests.

Group Structure

Students from Engineering and Business Universities and Colleges
Purpose: to make them aware of approaching their profession as an artistic one (asking questions, enhancing creativity, self expression, self confidence, mastering ambiguity, human and philosophical perspective of the profession).

Students from Art Universities and Colleges
Purpose: to make them aware of the perspectives and opportunities of their profession in the engineering and business fields.

Other persons who are open and interested in these subjects and our approach
Purpose: to give them the opportunity to informally share their experiences, more or less related to the main themes.

Preferable heterogeneous small groups, 10-20 persons for easily getting to know each other, communicate and exchange experiences.

ONLINE RESOURCES for the theoretical basis of our program

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