Arts & Crafts Vacations

Arts & Crafts Vacation in Southern Oltenia

Arts & Crafts Vacation in Southern Oltenia - Danube Region, Romania

FIT free Independent tourism; possible in correlation with our Romania - Bulgaria tour too
- car rental at Bucharest or Craiova International Airports

Accommodations by choice, in 3 stars picturesque agritouristic farms or hotels on the Danube bank; prices from €25 / night double occupancy; facilities: traditional cooking, Danube ship and boat cruises, fishing, domestic animals watching, local guides services

Traditional Workshops
Southern Oltenia - Romania - is an area rich in traditions that are preserved through folk artists and craftsmen work.

Weaving of carpets, rugs and straw, sewing traditional folk costumes, wood and bone carving, ancient pottery, are still practiced nowadays in traditional workshops, using traditional instruments and techniques.

We collaborate with some of the most representative craftsmen in the area who are welcoming tourists to assist or work with them (prices from €5 / hour). According to your own availability, preferences and skills, you can choose one or more of the mentioned workshops (for a short break to some days).

Attractions in the Area
- the city of Craiova, the Danube towns - ports of Calafat, Corabia, Bechet
- the Culture Port Cetate owned by the poet Mircea Dinescu, renown for its cuisine and wineries
- the "Royal Domain" winery at Segarcea
- the Roman Camp Sucidava located in Corabia, Olt county - the ruins of the Roman fortress are sheltering different constructions (baths, with an amazing floor heating system, paleo-Christian basilica, houses, gates, towers, secret fountain)
- many historical and Romanian architectural sites, in Dolj and Olt counties