VisitFactories Trip Advisory and Reservation Services

Our self guided tours advisory is ideal if you are feeling a bit more independent but still want things organized for you. We suggest some trip plans (as our industrial tours), you choose your own schedule, then we program each visit, arrange things like car hire (being appropriate for reaching most of the special interest objectives, either individually or accompanied), hotels, or indeed, what ever you request! We have spent a lot of time in Europe and USA researching the most relevant objectives of our themes and many interesting things in their vicinity. We take your ideas and add our own finishing touches to produce a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the very best Europe and USA have on offer in this matter. If you have no ideas whatsoever, don't worry, we have lots. So, contact us today to get your plan started.

Our special approach is to combine intensive industrial-cultural tour sequences with arts & crafts vacation sequences in less urbanized places, enjoying nature, possible in agritourism or wine farms, to get to know the local people and experience directly the traditional and artistic activities you enjoy most, starting from artistic workshops to soft farm activities, caring for animals, cooking, horse riding, wood crafts, locksmith, machine tools, welding, popular arts, pottery, embroidery, up to motorsport drive tests and many other soft adventures like helicopter or balloon flights, submarine dives, airboat rides and amusement parks. You just have to choose a destination area (from one of our presented tours), and together, we will build your preferred program.

Our travel planning strategy is to recommend car hire at the big arrival/departure airports, accommodations having parking included, usually outside the crowded urban areas, and to identify easily reachable parking places connected to a line of public transportation, to a bicycle hiring station or in proximity to the objectives of interest in those areas. For this travel purpose, the rental car, is the most appropriate (flexible, rapid and cost effective) solution, especially because without exceptions many objectives are situated at considerable distances outside the urban public transportation areas and for the interurban displacements.

Gastronomy and shopping are other alternatives that we can easily accommodate, either for the breaks or at the end of our main programs, and also as an alternative for your travel companions who might share less the interest in some themed objectives.

Bicycle tours in urban areas or in nature are also a focus point of our programs, everywhere where the local supply allows it. The itineraries will be designed according to each tourist's interest and harmonized with the main program. For the elder or less fit persons, there are rental stations providing electric bikes.

Luxury Travel Services, Guide
We can provide for your trips luxury accommodations, if possible, in historic castles too, (vintage) limousines (Rolls Royce, Maybach, Mercedes, Bentley) with driver or supercars (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini) and by request, a subject connoisseur guide.

The Contract
1. Prior the delivery of our services we need you to contact us with the following data:
- the subject or objectives and the geographic area for the intended trip or tour
- the number of persons, the intended period / duration, transportation (hired car / van with or without driver or other transportation requirements), accommodation (category, double shared or single) and budget limitation

2. Based on this data, we present for free 2 preliminary plans (just indicating some relevant objectives, cities) and estimated price limits for the intended trip together with the contract for services. If in principle you agree, then we sign the contract for one alternative you choose (if desired, it can be done in 2 stages, for establishing the program / attractions first and then the logistics).

3. At this point you will pay the first non-refundable advance fee stipulated in the contract (which will be included in the final price should you choose to go forward with us) through our secure online payment option or by sending us a check. The payment amount and options will be detailed in the contract.

4. After the payment is received by us, we will conceive and inform you in maximum 7 days about the detailed program. We will provide the trip's time schedule, written indications, contact data, bibliographic description for each objective, including or not (possible second advisory stage too) accommodations, car / bus hire, etc. and the final price (not exceeding the upper indicated limits in the signed contract), if reservations are required too.

5. In case of payment delays or, if in continuation of a certain stage of the contract, you don't want any more to utilize our services, we have no further reciprocal obligations.