Arts & Crafts Vacations

Arts & Crafts Vacation in Resita

Arts & Crafts Vacation in RESITA, the oldest industrial city of Romania

FIT free Independent tourism; possible in correlation with our Romania - Bulgaria tour too
- car rental at Timisoara Airport (110 km, 1.5 hours displacement to Resita)

Accommodation in Resita, at the ATLANTIC COMPLEX (traditional cooking, swimming and fishing pool, tennis and football terrains), or by choice, with prices between €25 and €40 per double room, 2 or 3 stars

All the following workshops, activities in Resita are provided all year round by our direct collaborators and don't require reservations. The contact person is Visitfactories' founder, Marius Hegedus.

Resita guided tour, 5-6 hours:
- tour of the UCM Resita, the famous historic heavy machinery factories
- the Grebla Hydro Power Plant, built in 1904
- the Secu dam and lake
- the Railway Steam-Engines Museum
- the Popular Art School
- the competition cars
- the car engines and embroidery workshops
- the workers town close to the historic furnace

According your own availability, preferences and skills, you can choose one or more of the following activities (for a short break to some days):

- the CNVC Resita Cup, a famous national sport cars slope speed competition. Resita's sport driving school and tradition. The event takes place yearly around the end of June – beginning of July, about 5km along the slope road to Anina and can be freely watched and is organized by ACM Sport. Lucien Hora, Mircea Padurean and Ovidiu Zaberca are national champions. Their cars were tuned in Resita and, by request, can be any time admired and even driven (an F3 Lola and street legal ones: a Golf 4 and a Mitsubishi Evo)

- for exotic cars fans: DRIVE TEST with the street legal cabrio prototype De KARASO SIMPLON, accompanied by Marius Hegedus, the engineer who designed and built it, while visiting the marvelous region

- working in a machine tools - car engines workshop belonging to Ion Gosta, a former race pilot (national vice-champion 1997, 98, category H4), skilled mechanic and engineer. You can work on machine tools, welding, car engines repairing, tuning; experiences sharing with the technicians who prepared many competition cars

- sculpture: thin shells of reinforced concrete modeling. You can experience from realizing human portraits to a car cage model or abstract shapes, at "toy scale", possible monumentally too, (but not here, during your vacation) with sculptor Marius Hegedus

- popular arts & crafts experience at the Resita Popular Art School (instruments, canto, dances, painting, carving) or sewing, embroidering popular costumes in a local famous workshop, belonging to Liliana Ionascu, an authentic and talented popular artist, renown for her costumes in all the Banat region.

- trekking, biking, shepherding around Resita or at the SEMENIC RESORT, 40 km from Resita, very close to the "Nera Sources" virgin forest; taking part in the daily activity of a forester or a shepherd, milking sheep or preparing cheese; accommodation at Andra chalet, in its proximity you can visit the Semenic High Power Radio-TV Broadcasting Antenna and the Meteorological Station

- cooking traditional Romanian food, assisted by experienced chefs (at Atlantic Complex Resita or Andra Chalet)

- shopping (on your own, in Resita, at Nera or Kaufland mall)

One day excursion possibilities (by request with local guides):
- attractions near Resita
- Anina-Oravita mountain railway (built in 1868): 2 x 30 km by train + 2 x 60 km by car
- the Iron Gates on the Danube river, 2 x 150 km: the Museum of the Iron Gates I Power Plant, 2 hours Danube boat cruise through the Iron Gates Narrow Path to Ponicova Cave
- Orsova, Herculane Baths, the Rudaria water mills
- the Nera Narrow Path (10 hours trekking + 2 x 60 km by car)
- the Caras Narrow Path (5-6 hours trekking + 2 x 15 km by car)
- the Comarnic cave
- the Caras fortress

Vacation extension and accommodation in Herculane Baths (historic, world famous thermal watering place, situated in the Cerna Narrow Path, at 120 km from Resita)