Industrial Tourism Attractions

Industrial Tourism Attractions in Hungary

Industrial tourism is still underdeveloped in Hungary despite the existence of a rich industrial heritage and of an industry that underwent post-communist restructuring and remarkable modernization, like the famous Audi and Mercedes automotive factories that organize visits. Here can also be found many industrial museums and collections owned by national or self-governmental institutes, funds or companies, and even by private persons, not a few of which opened recently, in 2014. Meanwhile, several towns offer industrial heritage among their places of interests. However, as revealed by an academic research from 2013, the general consensus is that neither the companies, nor the travel agencies or regions highlight this type of tourism. Moreover, when industrial tourism is presented as an option, it is an unorganised activity in most cases.

Agriculture is another strong sector; along with its related businesses, it makes up about 13% of the GDP and exploits about half of Hungary's total land area, more than many other European Union members. Its traditional food and animal farms are well connected to the tourism market. A good, symbiotic relationship with tourism have the so called "hungaricums", those noteworthy values which characterize the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and represent their peak performance. Among them can be mentioned some traditional, luxury, artistic and creative industries (embroidery, porcelain, crystal, design), traditional food producers (paprika, salami, foie gras, palinka, wines). A few are organizing participatory activities, as aspects of creative tourism.

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