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Who Are We

A new beginning for DDX Solutions, an USA registered company, launching VisitFactories... New, but based on our life long passions and professional experience. Why "beginning"? Because synergizing our Europe or USA industrial-cultural tours and art-creativity workshops during vacations and embracing engineering, business, innovation is a challenging and pioneering niche, and it is requiring a deep understanding and empathy with you, our demanding public from all the world. And also because we have the joy of this new opportunity that brings us again together with our colleagues, friends and invitees (in alphabetic order below), openly sharing ideas, experiences or expertise in our interdisciplinary presentations and debates.

Andreea Sporea, Washington DC, USA - president of DDX Solutions
Marius Hegedus, Resita, Romania - cofounder of VisitFactories

Andreea Sporea

Living now in Washington DC, born in Romania, in Caransebes, a town close to Resita, and graduated from the West University of Timisoara with a degree in Economics, Andreea moved in 2003 to the USA to follow her husband's dream for a career in computer programming. Passionate about technology and innovation, what most impressed her here were the Smithsonian museums and that she could travel and discover things she never knew existed, and be able to learn how things are being built. Ever since her first trip at the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia, she knew she wanted to see the Boeing factories and not only. She got her chance to visit the Boeing factory in Seattle, Washington while traveling to Alaska. She discovered her love for travel from her high school years when she started traveling to Germany, France, Czech Republic and other wonderful countries. The love for computers and technology made her found DDX Solutions to work on multiple projects, building turnkey enterprise software solutions, databases and web applications. The environment plays a big role in her life and she is well known in the office for implementing a recycling program. Her passion for photography gives her a different insight into the art world and her trip at Washington's National Geographic made her appreciate photography even more.

Marius Hegedus

Marius lives and works, as his parents and grandparents did, in Resita, the oldest industrial city of South Eastern Europe, Romania. He has experience in mechanical engineering, industrial marketing and innovation, obtained the Ph.D degree at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, and is (co)author of four technical patents. He began in UCMR, the Resita's famous heavy machinery factory, then led a new products-research business, he was a teacher too and now he is a consultant, having completed his studies in the field of management and promotion of industrial heritage sites and educational tourism. Being passionate about motorsports, aerodynamics and classic cars, he succeeded to build a street legal exotic car prototype. He also travelled, as tourist or guide, through all Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Egypt, and organized many visits to industrial objectives. Traveling and seeing, interacting with the "world he knows" is one of his biggest joys and it is even bigger when shared with others. He always likes to discover and unveil unexpected, but universal sources of beauty of this technology world, as well as contemporary architecture and public art works. He also graduated a sculpture school and is experimenting the technique of reinforced concrete thin shells. The model of his car cage is just an example. His wife Mina, a dentist, and their boys Florin and Razvan, understand, support and creatively complete him: now Marius' car metamorphoses into autonomous flight innovation.

Special Guests

Barglazan Mircea, Prof. PhD. Eng., Timisoara Polytechnic University, Romania, hydraulic machines, touristic activities, (honor invitee)
- Berwanger Erhard, Dipl. Eng., Ludwigsburg, Germany, electrical engineering, former software developer at CCSITEH Resita, Romania. Also photographer and local history researcher
Cicala Eugen, Prof. PhD. Eng., University of Bourgogne, France, laser technologies
- Cornut Alexandru, PhD. Eng., Kehl a. Rhein, Germany, strength of materials, retired engineer (honor invitee)
- Farkas Zoltan, Dipl. Eng., Sinsheim Germany, mechanical engineering, CAD
Nadin Mihai, Prof. PhD. Eng., Texas University, Dallas, USA, Professor of Computer Science and Interactive Media / Arts, Director of the Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems (honor invitee)
Nichici Alexandru, Prof. PhD. Eng., Timisoara Polytechnic University, Romania, former rector (1992 - 1996), non-conventional technologies (honor invitee)
Potoceanu Nadia, PhD. Eng. , president of the Activity Foundation, Resita, Romania
Rogobete Silviu,  Prof. PhD. , West University of Timisoara, Romania, human rights, religion, political science and engineer, consul in South Africa
- Smoczer Ioan, Dipl. Eng., former chief-designer at ICPEH Resita, Romania, (co) author of 28 patents, all in exploitation