Offering - Industrial-Cultural Themed Travel for anybody interested in the subject, including students, free Open Presentations and Debates on Engineering, Art, Innovation, Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Themes.

Searching - Partnership for Marketing and/or Content Building and Academic Accreditation for Interdisciplinary Extracurricular Programs; Film makers for picturing and developing (together with us) any of our current or future blog stories, or travels; Supporters and Artists for "Resita's Industrial Patrimony Art Festival"

We are a small US company of IT, economics and engineering professionals that recently launched our Engineering-Art-Travel program targeting mixed groups of art, engineering (STEM) and business students, together with anybody else open to our subjects of interest and Open Presentations and Debates (with summary in Romanian) on engineering, art, innovation, sustainability interdisciplinary themes, synergizing each other. The authors are reputable professionals and professors from prestigious universities in Europe and USA.

We offer prizes and openly invite students (bachelor, master, PhD), professionals, public administration employees, unemployed, entrepreneurs, or anybody interested in the theme, to follow our presentations, to ask questions, or propose their own new themes (using the "Leave a Comment" buttons or contacting us).

As a huge inspiration source, our travels put the participants in contact with the technical civilization (in Central and SE Europe), from both the historic and contemporary perspective, while also discovering its intrinsic artistic and creative-innovative dimension. See our Central and SE Europe monograph too.

We are also seeking partners, to apply and develop one of our team's (patentable) innovations: Cost Effective, Lightweight (Wood, Plastic and Metal) Underground Construction.

During the workshops, our public can also experience hands-on our sculpture-modeling technique or enjoy their favorite art activity and give artistic answers to some prior or spontaneously formulated "engineering-innovation" questions. The creation mood will also invite all to launch a dialogue connected subjects or unexpected debates, blending all participants' backgrounds or study interests.

We are launching these programs AIMING TO PARTNER for MARKETING (also DOCUMENTARY/ARTISTIC/SHORT FILM MAKING) and with universities for further IMPROVING, DEVELOPING and ACCREDITING NEW EXTRACURRICULAR PROGRAMS better satisfying their own expectations and visions.

We are launching this dialogue, being thankful for feedback and we are also interested in expanding our collaboration with any other businesses, organizations and persons with common interests.