Contest with Prizes – Win a 6 Days Vacation

Check the contest rules below and, if you elect to participate, you could win a 6 days vacation by posting an article or a video with a theme related to our website!

We are offering 3 Tranferable Prizes*, the winners being our personal guests during a 6 days discovery vacation, and many facilities** for all the participants. We also reward the competitor’s efforts with free Visitfactories advisory services: participate, spread the word, gather more than 100 points, ask, and we’ll help you plan your vacation in Europe or USA!

The Prizes

1st Prize:

  • 5 nights lodging in a triple room with shared bathroom for the winner and, optionally, one or two other persons
  • included meals for the winner; additional persons require €100 per person** for meals for the entire period
  • included vacation program for two persons; see details for additional persons**

2nd and 3rd Prize each:

  • 5 nights lodging in a triple room with shared bathroom for the winners and, optionally, one or two other persons
  • meals are not included and require €100 per person** for meals for the entire period
  • included vacation program for one person; see details for additional persons**

Where: in our family’s vacation house, in the village of Brebu Nou, part of the Trei Ape (Three Waters) mountain resort, in the Semenic Mountains, starting and ending in Resita, the oldest industrial town of SE Europe, Banat, Romania.

Period: 6 consecutive days starting anytime from July to mid-August, according to the first prize winner’s choice, possible during the Garana International Jazz (July) or Folk Festival (August)***

For details about the vacation program and daily activities, please click here.

The Rules of the Contest

  • You must have a Facebook account and use your blog or a website where you can post articles or videos
  • You can submit maximum 5 articles or videos (must be your own, not necessary new ones), with any related subject to VisitFactories - Fascinating Discoveries using the button at the top of this page
  • For additional points, the article or video must include a link to our website; check our website for ideas on how you can relate your submission with us and be creative
  • Publish the article or video on your website or blog and submit the link to us via our submission form. You will have to login with your Facebook account to access the submission form
  • If you don't have a blog or a website, you can still participate by submitting the article or video directly to us. Please contact us via the submission form for further details on how to get your article or video published on our blog and start accumulating points
  • Your articles and videos will be checked by our staff and, if accepted, will be posted on our blog as well containing a link to your website or blog; you will be notified via email of the acceptance
  • Once published on our blog, you will be able to spread the word about VisitFactories and your articles or videos on social media using our sharing tools and ask all your friends and family to vote for your submissions and accumulate points
  • The deadline for article or video submissions is yearly on May 15th

The Voting Process

  • Once a submission is accepted and published on our blog, it can start accumulating points
  • Every accepted submission (up to the maximum of 5), will automatically earn 10 points, plus an additional 10 points if it is published on your website or blog and contains a link back to our website
  • Anybody can vote for an article or video and a voter can cast his vote for a single submission
  • In order to vote, a voter needs to have a Facebook account, click the Vote button on the submission of his choosing and use our Facebook application to vote for it
  • The submissions will have the number of accumulated points published on our blog, so anybody can check the number of points for an article or video at any time
  • A voter can bring up to 10 points to a submission/contestant; a simple vote is valued at 1 point, the additional points are given for the extra mile of answering our questionnaire or using our social media tools that can be found within the voting application to spread the word about us (by liking us, sharing our link, tweeting about us, following us etc.)
  • Once the points are cast, a voter can change his vote for a different article or video anytime and the points will be transferred to the new submission/contestant
  • The author of the article or video can vote as well for one of his submissions, similar as any other voter and increase his total points
  • The voting closes yearly on May 30th

Awarding of the Prizes

  • After the voting period closes, the winners will be announced on our blog and notified by email
  • The order of the maximum 3 winners will be established based on the decreasing order of the accumulated points
  • After the voting period closes, the participants, if they choose to do so, can boost the points of up to 3 other participants by according them an additional 8, 9 or 10 points as they choose fit; these additional points will be counted only towards the 3rd prize award and won't influence the top for the 1st and 2nd prizes
  • The total points of a contestant will be the sum of all the accumulated points for all his submissions
  • The prizes will not be awarded if they won’t accumulate the minimum number of points: 300 points for the 1st prize and 200 for the 2nd and 3rd prize

The more you spread the word about this contest, the better chances to win!

Additional Details

This offer is not commercial; the services being offered are our gift and appreciation to the prize winners and to all the participants!

* Transferable prizes
The winner who cannot enjoy his prize can nominate another person to enjoy it. There will not be any cash equivalent or other compensations in lieu of the prizes. Transportation to and from the starting location is not included. See also the Romanian / European Union visa conditions as well.

** Facilities for the Prize Winners Companions and other Participants
Every prize winner can, at his own option, invite to his triple room (containing a matrimonial and a single bed), one or two other companions. Each companion must contribute with €100 for the included meals. Kids 0-6 eat free. Kids 6-12 eat for an additional €50. The participation in the program is free, but requiring, for the 2nd and 3rd prize companions, their (shared) car(s).

The meals offered include:

  • international and traditional Romanian cuisine: grill, “mici” (sausages), “mamaliga” (polenta) with “sarmale” (stuffed cabbage), tripe soup and others
  • alcoholic and other beverages (beer, wine, “tuica” (snaps), brandy, juices, mineral water)
  • season fruits and sweets
  • the distribution of the meals during each day will be adapted to the program

The €100 contribution for meals (necessary for the 2nd and 3rd prize winners, as well as for the eventual other participants), is covering only our purchasing and meal preparing costs.

For all the others willing to participate in the program for free with their cars, camping or accommodation and meal options can be found in the vicinity of our vacation house at their own cost.

We offer any time, to all people trusting and collaborating with us, our expertise and insights to experience a once in a life time trip to Resita, and, why not, to other “Resitas” in the world too!

*** Watching the Garana (International) Jazz or (Romanian) Folk Festival
Garana Jazz Festival 2013
During 3 evenings, starting from 9 PM, it is possible to attend the famous Garana Jazz Festival (mid-July) or the Garana Folk Festival (beginning of August). The festivals can be watched for free from a distance, or by buying tickets for the show area (prices start from €15 per evening).

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