Arguments for “VisitFactories” Travels Part 3

There is another meaningful story I want to tell, that of the birth of VisitFactories. More than 25 years have passed since the events in Part 2. During this time I worked as an engineer, leaving my town Resita only for travel, even if we all here powerlessly, but not impassibly, assisted how its once famous industry became history.  Many of the younger ones, as my partner Andreea, and Danny, her husband, had to leave in order to be able to fulfill their dreams.

As it often happened to collaborate with Danny’s father, an elder colleague and friend of mine, we talked a lot about what should happen but doesn’t happen and what can we do to change something. We both agreed that the most important thing is to restore the trust in ourselves, our hopes, through a  mobilizing project, a plan.  So I remembered how my father showed me, a 5 years old boy, how a project can make the impossible become possible. I realized over time that the situations are perfectly similar and so began our project.

First I asked my friends Andreea and Danny just their help for an IT solution, but step by step, learning more details about our new project, they saw how well it can fit their own tastes, dreams and travel experiences they had in USA, and we completed it creatively. At this point we understood together, that there are a lot of universal values to discover in the so called “industrial tourism”, exceeding its apparently narrow adresability. The best argument are Andreea and Danny themselves.

I must be honest, there are no  facts in my life, not to be reported to my background, and this seems to be a rule in everyone’s life. As you see, nostalgia is a  good motivator, but not the single important one. Don’t get demobilized if you haven’t got a similar background;  the curiosity, the creativity, the empathy,  the mastering or only understanding of an art piece, craft, game, or of brute power, are other pleasure giving attributes. I am sure there is no human being not to have experienced and enjoyed them and not to try such provocations too .


One of the biggest generators in the world: 700 MW, China

I hope I gave you the right arguments that what we propose as industrial tourism is full of this spirit – from the tour of a NASA launching ramp or of the Ferrari factory, to the crafts experience in Resita, each uniquely individualized in our programs  mix .

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