The Resita Experiment

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Open, Online and Live Presentations, Stories, Debates and Innovation Platform

Interdisciplinary Theme: engineering, innovation, creativity, art, education, entrepreneurship, social-economic sustainability, life and travel. Theoretical and practical content, also approaching the decline and opportunities of the historic industrial city of Resita, Romania, but open to (similar) aspects and contributions from the whole world. In English, with some works and bibliography in Romanian and other languages too.

Target Public: students (bachelor, master, PhD), professionals, public administration, unemployed, entrepreneurs, or anybody interested in the theme.

Purpose: Reciprocal and informal presentation and learning, creativity in technical domains based on artistic approach, open ideation, with an intersection between exposing problems and offering solutions, entrepreneurial and sustainable social- economic development opportunities; opening the eyes and minds of future engineers, managers, professionals as “global Earth” citizens.

How can we do this? By inviting you to be creative, by giving you hints on how to make connections with your present world and allowing you to eventually re-frame your own problems, tasks or questions. We aren’t just a niche travel agent with a “must see factories” agenda, nor a school that teaches you to become a good professional. But we are equally your peers and mentors in being curious, asking questions and discovering new things, in learning from each other, starting from art or history and ending with economy or (frugal) innovation in engineering, the domains in which we have experience and we are qualified. Our travels, workshops, (web) presentations or debates are just the vehicle for imagining and shaping a better and happier world together, by connecting human beings to human beings, young or elder, each having learned more or less, each with their own ideas that can be professional too.

Support: The Facebook page, the innovation platform and blog, supervised debates in Resita organized by the project’s manager and short, live presentations and debates of some of the authors at their current location, during our trips.

Authors: The project also benefits of the authorship of our friends, colleagues and invitees (listed below on alphabetical order), whom we are thankful for supporting it:

– Barglazan Mircea, Prof. PhD. Eng., Timisoara Polytechnic University, Romania, hydraulic machines, touristic activities, (honor invitee)
– Cicala Eugen, Prof. PhD. Eng., University of Bourgogne, France, laser technologies
– Berwanger Erhard, Dipl. Eng., Ludwigsburg, Germany, electrical engineering, former software developer at CCSITEH Resita, Romania. Also photographer and local history researcher
– Cornut Alexandru, PhD. Eng., Kehl a. Rhein, Germany, strength of materials, retired engineer (honor invitee)
– Farkas Zoltan, Dipl. Eng., Sinsheim Germany, mechanical engineering, CAD
– Nadin Mihai, Prof. PhD. Eng., Texas University, Dallas, USA, Professor of Computer Science and Interactive Media / Arts, Director of the Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems (honor invitee)
– Nichici Alexandru, Prof. PhD. Eng., Timisoara Polytechnic University, Romania, former rector (1992 – 1996), non-conventional technologies (honor invitee)
– Potoceanu Nadia, PhD. Eng. , president of the Activity Foundation, Resita, Romania
– Rogobete Silviu,  Prof. PhD. , West University of Timisoara, Romania, human rights, religion, political science and engineer, consul in South Africa
– Smoczer Ioan, Dipl. Eng., former chief-designer at ICPEH Resita, Romania, (co) author of 28 patents, all in exploitation

The Organizers:

– Marius Hegedus, PhD. Eng. and Sculptor,  Resita, Romania, co-founder of VisitFactories; the project’s manager
– Andreea Sporea, Economist, Washington DC, president of DDX Solutions; co-founder of VisitFactories

List of Presentations: (permanently updated, as the new ones are received from the authors)

  1. Hegedus Marius – Engineering, Technology and Innovation Approached as Art (in Educational Travel)
  2. Hegedus Marius – Arguments for VisitFactories Travels
  3. Hegedus Marius – A Real Story: Greek Music Taming a Shaking German Machine
  4. Alexandru Nichici – Rediscovering TECHNOLOGY
  5. Ioan Smoczer – An Engineering Life in Resita and Questions for Tomorrow [in Romanian with English summary]
  6. Hegedus Marius – The Open Story of Resita’s Industrial Patrimony Art Festival [with Romanian summary]
  7. Hegedus Marius – Cost Effective, Lightweight (Wood, Plastic and Metal) Underground Construction

Summary in Romanian

Experimentul Resita

Prezentari / prelegeri, dezbateri, platforma de inovare on-line, live, deschise (participantii pot contribui la continut) si bazate pe voluntariat.

Tematica interdisciplinara: inginerie, inovare, arta, antreprenoriat, dezvoltare si sustenabilitate socio-economica: continut teoretic si proiecte practice avand in vedere si declinul orasului istoric industrial Resita, Romania dar deschis aspectelor si implicarii din intreaga lume. In limba engleza, dar cu prezentari de fond si bibliografie si in limba romana si altele.

Scop: prezentare si invatare informala, reciproca, aspecte de creativitate in domenii tehnice bazate (si) pe abordari artistice, o zona de intersectie intre (expunere) probleme si ofertanti de solutii, ideatie deschisa, posibile oportunitati antreprenoriale, de dezvoltare sustenabila si inovare socio-economica conexe.

Publicul tinta: studenti, masteranzi, doctoranzi, profesionisti, functionari din administratia publica, someri, persoane cu diverse calificari si/sau interesate de tematica.

Suport tehnic: grupul, contul de Facebook; blogul si platforma de inovare VisitFactories, dezbateri regulate in Resita, organizate de managerul proiectului, scurte prezentari “live” ale unor autori, asociate excursiilor tematice.

Autori: proiectul beneficiaza de contributia urmatorilor prieteni, colegi, invitati, in ordine alfabetica (mai sus, in limba engleza).

Organizatorii si Lista prezentarilor: in ordinea in care sunt elaborate de autori (mai sus).

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  • Mihai Nadin says:

    Ma bucura ca cineva e pasionat de trecutul industrial al Romaniei. Multe de invatat din acest trecut… Acum peste 30 de ani am descoperit unul dintre primele locuri in lume unde se prelucra metalul. A fost o experienta foarte importanta. Eu apartin celor care privesc metalul din unghiul computerelor. Dar perspectiva adevarata e aceea a cuptoarelor fierbinti, a metalului topit, a stiintei si a artei de a produce otelul in multe variante. Acesta e motivul pentru care initiativa VisitFactories ma atrage. Sper ca multi vor veni, ca multi vor incerca sa priceapa cum prelucreaza materia din care obtinem metalele fara de care multe din lucrurile pe care le folosim nu ar fi posibile.

    [English Translation from Romanian]

    I am happy that someone is passionate about Romania’s industrial past. A lot to learn from this past… More than 30 years ago I discovered one of the first places in the world where metal was processed. It was a very important experience. I belong to those who see the metal from the computers’ angle. But the real perspective is the one of the hot ovens, of the molten metal, of the science and art of producing the steel in many variations. This is why I find that the VisitFactories initiative attracts me. I hope that a lot of people will come and try to understand how the material from which we obtain the metals is processed, and without which many of the things that we use would not be possible.

    Prof. Dr. Mihai Nadin
    Ashbel Smith University Professor

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