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Engineering, Technology and Innovation Approached as Art (in Educational Travel)

Abstract This paper presents the actual crisis and the tendencies of unitarily approaching the basic cores of technology, engineering and artistic professions and education, generated by the present demand of creative skills in the current fast innovating world. As a particular informal educational proposal, it is taking into consideration a synergy between travel and the […]

Industrial and Creative Tourism – A Comparative Analysis of Packaged Offers

Industrial tourism as a special interest niche is represented on the market by relatively few packaged offers, each individualized by its supplier. We analyzed the supply (resulting from search engines), according to the mix of objectives (attractions), the duration of the program and the touristic services. Some local and regional tour operators, especially in the […]

Industry, Nature and Passion in the Specialis’ Travel Film about Resita

First of all I would like to explain two names: Resita and Specialis. Resita is the oldest industrial town in Romania, in the Banat Mountains region, not far from the country’s southwestern border with Serbia. The town’s iron works were grounded by the Austrian Crown in 1771. Specialis is a travel film production house from […]

Arguments for “VisitFactories” Travels Part 3

There is another meaningful story I want to tell, that of the birth of VisitFactories. More than 25 years have passed since the events in Part 2. During this time I worked as an engineer, leaving my town Resita only for travel, even if we all here powerlessly, but not impassibly, assisted how its once famous industry became history.  […]

Arguments for “VisitFactories” Travels Part 1

The first and most important question behind our approach is  why are we motivated by  a factory tour,  by discovering how some of our most important goods are made, by a helicopter ride, a submarine dive, by trying ourselves a race car or by a railway steam locomotive’s magnitude and a vintage limousine’s elegance?  Why are […]