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Cost Effective, Lightweight (Wood, Plastic and Metal) Underground Construction

Jump to the Translation in Romanian We are seeking partners for applying and developing our patent application No. A/00658/19.09.2016 OSIM Romania related to an Underground Construction made up of wooden pillars and beams, waterproofing resin fiberglass reinforced exterior (thin, corrugated) structural walls and metal connecting elements. It has applicability either for the basements of lightweight […]

The Resita Experiment

Jump to the Summary in Romanian Open, Online and Live Presentations, Stories, Debates and Innovation Platform Interdisciplinary Theme: engineering, innovation, creativity, art, education, entrepreneurship, social-economic sustainability, life and travel. Theoretical and practical content, also approaching the decline and opportunities of the historic industrial city of Resita, Romania, but open to (similar) aspects and contributions from the […]

A Real Story: Frugal Innovation – Fixing a German Writer’s Perfect Car (a Trabant)

This story is about frugal innovation, but especially about Johannes Bettisch (born 1932, Timisoara – deceased 2014, Stuttgart), a German language writer, originating from Romania and a very special character in my life. During the first years after World War II he was a colleague of my father in a technical school in Timisoara and […]

A Real Story: Greek Music Taming a Shaking German Machine

About The Vangelis’ Equation Sometimes when I was working the night shift in the factory, I listened to Vangelis music on my headphones. Once my professor said: “what about trying Vangelis with your machine tool?”. And, unexpectedly for him, I did it. He confessed later that he didn’t even imagine I was so “crazy” to […]

Engineering, Technology and Innovation Approached as Art (in Educational Travel)

Abstract This paper presents the actual crisis and the tendencies of unitarily approaching the basic cores of technology, engineering and artistic professions and education, generated by the present demand of creative skills in the current fast innovating world. As a particular informal educational proposal, it is taking into consideration a synergy between travel and the […]

Industrial and Creative Tourism – A Comparative Analysis of Packaged Offers

Industrial tourism as a special interest niche is represented on the market by relatively few packaged offers, each individualized by its supplier. We analyzed the supply (resulting from search engines), according to the mix of objectives (attractions), the duration of the program and the touristic services. Some local and regional tour operators, especially in the […]

Industry, Nature and Passion in the Specialis’ Travel Film about Resita

First of all I would like to explain two names: Resita and Specialis. Resita is the oldest industrial town in Romania, in the Banat Mountains region, not far from the country’s southwestern border with Serbia. The town’s iron works were grounded by the Austrian Crown in 1771. Specialis is a travel film production house from […]

Contest with Prizes – Win a 6 Days Vacation

Check the contest rules below and, if you elect to participate, you could win a 6 days vacation by posting an article or a video with a theme related to our website! We are offering 3 Tranferable Prizes*, the winners being our personal guests during a 6 days discovery vacation, and many facilities** for all […]